Auctionbuyer Lite

Whether it's your first time at a car auction, or you're a seasoned pro, we can help you buy at auction!

This AuctionBuyer Lite service is ideal if you've already found the car you want to buy at Blackbushe (or any other auction), and would like to take advantage of our Trade account with REDUCED Auction £Fees! 

Our charges start from as little as £95, and we GUARANTEE your total cost will be LESS than if you pay Private Buyer Auction Fees!


We can also provide indicative guide pricing on any vehicle (not accessible to Private Buyers), including Trade and Retail prices, as well as an approximate total cost of auction fees and charges you will incur - BEFORE you bid. All information is available on request for vehicles you intend to bid on once your bidding fee has been paid.


Vehicle Hammer Price                Charge

£0 - £1,000                       £95

£1,001 - £10,000            £125

£10,001 - £25,000        £275

£25,000+                          £475

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Make sure you include the vehicle registration and your maximum bid when you get to the checkout, and we'll bid on the vehicle for you (up to your agreed maximum bid).

Select the correct package based on the value you'd like to bid up to.


Please make sure you've read and understood the Terms & Conditions of this service (detailed below) BEFORE submitting your details!

If we win a vehicle, we GUARANTEE your total cost will be lower than as a Private Buyer!

Terms & Conditions of our 'AuctionBuyer Lite' Service

This service is only suitable if you've already found the vehicle or vehicles you are interested in buying from British Car Auctions (or any other auction), and want to use the Auction Buyer Ltd's services to purchase that (or any other) vehicle.


All costs for this service detailed above must be paid upfront BEFORE the vehicle is due to be sold.

You (the customer) understand that by buying a vehicle at auction, the 'Hammer Price' is not the final price, and that there are further Sales Commissions added by the Auction House on top of the 'Hammer Price'. You understand that The Auction Buyer Ltd has no influence or control over these costs, and by using The Auction Buyer Ltd for this service, you can and will pay a reduced Sales Commission on top of the winning bid or 'Hammer Price' when compared with Private Buyer charges. You accept The Auction Buyer Ltd cannot and will not be held responsible for paying any associated costs such as these or any other charges issued by the Auction House.


You understand The Auction Buyer Ltd's charges associated with this AuctionBuyer Lite service are non refundable in all circumstances.


The Auction Buyer Ltd cannot and will not be held responsible if these charges have not been paid or are delayed in clearing, and as a result of this, the vehicle is sold to another party, or the sale is missed, or a bid on your behalf has not been placed. It is the responsibility of you 'the customer' to ensure a reasonable window of time is given to allow for The Auction Buyer Ltd to provide this service.

Charges are applicable on a per vehicle purchased basis, and are based on the hammer price (or sale price) of the vehicle (excluding any additional fees or sales commission charges), without exception. If you are outbid or unsuccessful winning any vehicle, we will bid on further individual vehicles until your bid is successful and you have purchased a single vehicle. You must supply details for any further vehicles you would like to bid on and fees will be charged individually for each vehicle. If you require The Auction Buyer to perform any searches on your behalf, then 'AuctionBuyer Premium' sourcing fees will apply. 

You must search for and find the vehicle(s) you want to bid on, and supply this information to us using the form above or via email to The Auction Buyer Ltd will not be held responsible if the information is not clear or concise and we do or do not win a vehicle as a result of this. 

If you require any further vehicle searches, or any other assitance in finding a vehicle suitable for your requirements, to be conducted by The Auction Buyer Ltd, our charges will revert to our AuctionBuyer Premium sourcing fees (found here) and a Find Me A Car form (found here) should be used to submit details.

We cannot and do not guarantee to be present in person in all cases of buying a vehicle on your behalf, as the volume of requests is too high. Our preferred location for Buying in Person is British Car Auctions (BCA) Blackbushe, Blackwater, Camberley GU17 9LG. Please note in person buying may be subject to further costs dependant on the location of the sale (this covers our cost to travel). We cannot guarantee we will be available at the time, date, and location of the sale of your desired vehicle. In this instance we can place a bid online on your behalf under the same terms as in person.

All vehicles won at auction or sourced require cleared payment either in person or online within 24hrs of the auction ending or price being accepted. Vehicles must be collected within 48hrs of the vehicle being won. Vehicle payment and collection is NOT the responsibility of The Auction Buyer Ltd or any of it's employees. It is the sole responsibility of you (the customer) to ensure payment has cleared successfully and the vehicle is removed from the premises in the aforementioned timescales.

The Auction Buyer Ltd can provide delivery of any vehicle at an additional cost. We offer both driven and trailered services starting from £0.70p per mile + costs - please let us know if this is required. Our driven service will be covered Fully Comprehensive under our Trade Insurance policy, vehicles will need to be road worthy and have a valid MOT test.

Our primary Terms & Conditions (found here) regarding the vehicle and other topics related to buying a vehicle at auction still apply.