FAQs - the things we get asked a lot

What makes you different to a car dealer?

We're on your side, we're not out to make huge margins on cars and by laying out our charges from the start, the focus then remains on you and finding your next car.

How much will this cost me?

Simple, for every car we bid on for you - here's what our charges are:

  • £0-£1,000 - we charge £95

  • £1,001-£10,000 - we charge £125

  • £10,001-£20,000 - we charge £275

  • £25,000 & over - we charge £475


how do i know whether my bid is going to be high enough?

Don't worry, we can provide guide pricing (if you need it) upon request BEFORE we confirm our bid to make sure you've got the best chance of winning the vehicle!

How do i pay You for this service?

This one's easy! When you send us the details of the car you want to bid on, we'll email you an invoice with payment instructions included! We require payment upfront BEFORE we bid on the vehicle, as well as 24hrs notice  to ensure we don't miss the vehicle you want to buy. 

How do i pay the auction house for the car?

This one's easy too! We provide an invoice for the total cost of the vehicle, and pay the Auction House directly, clearing the outstanding balance on the vehicle ready for collection. This MUST be completed within 24hrs of winning the vehicle. Payment on collection is also available in some circumstances.

How long do I get to collect the car?

You have a grace period of 24hrs after payment to ensure the vehicle has been collected. Don't forget - we can arrange delivery direct to your door - ask us for a quote! 

Can i change my maximum bid?

Yes you can increase your maximum bid up to 24hrs in advance. We try and make sure you've got the best chance of winning the vehicle without over paying, before the sale takes place. This is so you don't have to make changes last minute.

why would I benefit from using a service like this?

Using this service allows you to buy the car you want at auction, at below market value saving £Thousands, AND THEN save more ££s  on the Sales Commission / Fees once you've bought it! This is all without the hassle of having to set up your own Trade Account!

How do I get the car?

It is assumed customers want to collect it from the auction house themselves. We can provide assistance including address and location details of each auction house if required. We can also arrange delivery direct to your door - ask us for a quote! 

When do I have to pay?

As soon as we've successfully secured your car, you will need to make payment for the vehicle within 24hrs. Our fees need to be paid to us at least 24hrs BEFORE we bid on the vehicle.

What checks can I do on the car before bidding or buying?

We suggest you do all the checks you can (MOT history, check condition reports and others) before you send us the details & we bid on a car for you. We can provide HPI Checks for any vehicle too for just £4.50 - CLICK HERE 

What if I don't like the car?

Sometimes, a car might not be what you expected. Neither The Auction Buyer Ltd nor the Auction Houses offer refunds, but don't worry, you're not on your own here. We can help you sell the car and get your money back so you can go and buy something more up your street. Because you're buying a car at Trade prices, it's likely it'll be worth the same as what you have paid, or more! Check out our Terms & Conditions for exactly how we can help!

If we haven't answered your question - why not send us a message in our Live Chat? We're happy to help!