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...with our AuctionBuyer Premium service, we search over 25,000+ vehicles each week, across 6 different UK Car Auctions and through our network of over 6,000+ UK Traders to find you your new car, taking all of the hassle away!

  • Do you have a busy schedule and can't find the time to search for your next vehicle?

  • Tired of travelling miles to view a car, only to turn up and it not be as described?

  • Do you shudder at the thought of dealing with pushy salesmen?

  • Do you struggle to know where to start looking?


For more details on everything that's involved, check out our How We Work page. 

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Vehicle Purchase Price              Charge

£0 - £1,000                      £250

£1,001 - £5,000              £395

£5,001 - £10,001            £495

£10,001 - £20,000           5%

£20,001 - £30,000           4%

£30,001 - £40,000           3%

£40,001 & over               2.5%

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