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Know someone looking for a new car? Tell a friend about The Auction Buyer.


If we successfully find them a car, we'll give you £100 - no questions asked. 

Drop their details to us below, and we'll even give them a call directly

Terms of Referral:

  1. The referral fee will only be paid for customers using the AuctionBuyer Premium service.

  2. The person(s) being referred must have made payment for the vehicle and all charges and fees before any referral fee will be paid out.

  3. The referral will be valid for 6 months, after such time the referral will no longer be valid.

    1. for the avoidance of doubt: 

      1. the 6 month period will start from The Auction Buyer's receipt of the referral form.

      2. the person(s) being referred must have paid for their vehicle and any associated charges or fees before the 6 month period has elapsed.

  4. The person(s) being referred must not have made any prior contact within a previous 6 month period ​prior to The Auction Buyer receiving the referral form​.

  5. For the referral fee to be paid, the referral form above MUST be used to introduce the person(s) being referred to The Auction Buyer Ltd in the first instance. The Auction Buyer Ltd reserves the right to withhold paying any referral fee should the form above not be used.