terms and conditions

By contacting The Auction Buyer and or submitting an enquiry form, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • You (the customer) agree you are in a position to pay for, and or already have the finances available for The Auction Buyer Ltd to bid and secure vehicles or items solely intended for you the customer, PRIOR to The Auction Buyer Ltd engaging with businesses, auction houses, private sellers, or any other 3rd party The Auction Buyer Ltd engages with to successfully source a vehicle.

  • You accept full responsibility for the payment and clearing of funds to the seller of the vehicle, including but not limited to making payment direct to the 3rd party from which any vehicle is sourced.

  • You agree to pay the agreed associated commission fee and expenses (where applicable) to The Auction Buyer Ltd as set out in the 'Cost of Services' information below, for the services including but not limited to the sourcing of a vehicle.

  • You agree The Auction Buyer Ltd has no responsibility for the payment of any charges or fees associated with the purchase of a vehicle, item or service, such as auction fees, VAT, or similar.

  • You agree to The Auction Buyer acting as an intermediary introducer to search any and all available markets for the purpose of sourcing a vehicle on behalf of you as a customer.

  • You agree that by engaging with The Auction Buyer Ltd via any method, including but not limited to submitting  a 'Find Me A Car' form, for the purposes of buying a new vehicle, item or service, you refuse the right to bid on the same vehicle, item or service via any other means. This includes but is not limited to using other 3rd party companies or services, or attempting to purchase directly with the 3rd party selling the vehicle, item or service.

  • You agree to pay the associated commission fee and or any agreed expenses for the services of The Auction Buyer Ltd within 7 business days of the successful sourcing purchase date and payment completion, regardless of whether or not you are satisfied with the condition or state of the vehicle, item or service after successful delivery or collection.

    • Should the associated commission fee not be paid within ​the stated timescale then The Auction Buyer Ltd reserves the right to charge additional late payment fees, and or use 3rd party companies to recover any debts and reasonable costs owed .

  • You agree to The Auction Buyer using your personal data and information as per our Privacy Policy (available here)

  • The Auction Buyer Ltd agrees to provide a reasonable selection of available vehicles, items or services, which to The Auction Buyer's knowledge are available to purchase at the time of inquiry, to satisfy the requirement as detailed in the initial engagement from the customer either via the Find Me A Car submission form or any other means.

  • You agree to The Auction Buyer Ltd acting on your behalf, specifically but not limited to bidding up to and including an agreed value for a specific vehicle, item or service. Should any vehicle, item or service exceed this agreed value in the environment of an auction or sale, The Auction Buyer Ltd will not bid higher than the agreed amount without prior written consent from the customer. No liability will be held by The Auction Buyer if the vehicle, item or service sells for more than this agreed value.

  • The customer will agree that The Auction Buyer Ltd does not provide any responsibility, commitment or guarantee as to the condition of any vehicle, item or service it assists in sourcing or acquiring, nor does it provide any level of warranty after the sale.

  • In the event of the customer not being satisfied with the vehicle, item or service The Auction Buyer Ltd has procured, The Auction Buyer Ltd may advertise the vehicle, item or service in an attempt to recover the full costs of the vehicle, item or service on behalf of the customer.

    • The Auction Buyer Ltd may advertise the vehicle, item or service for sale via any means it deems necessary, and will retain 50% of any additional value above the original purchase price on the resale of the vehicle, item or service, plus any expenses incurred in this process. 

      • For the avoidance of doubt, if 'example A' vehicle was successfully sourced at auction for the total value of £10,000 inclusive of all fees, and was not to the customer's satisfaction, The Auction Buyer Ltd may advertise this vehicle. In this example, if the Auction Buyer Ltd advertised and found a buyer willing to pay £12,000, The Auction Buyer would retain £1000 + any advertising costs incurred (in this example, The Auction Buyer Ltd retains 50% of the £2000 above the original vehicle cost).

    • The Auction  Buyer Ltd makes no guarantee that the full amount of the purchase price of the vehicle, item or service can be returned to the customer in the event of the customer wanting The Auction Buyer Ltd to sell the specific vehicle, item or service.

Cost Of Services

  • For all vehicles sourced, with a final sale price (inclusive of any auction fees, delivery charges or other charges related specifically to that individual vehicle) totaling: 

    • £0-£1,000 - we charge £250 as an associated commission fee.

    • £1,001-£5,000 - we charge £395 as an associated commission fee.

    • £5,001-£10,000 - we charge £495 as an associated commission fee.

    • £10,001-£20,000 - we charge 5% as an associated commission fee.

    • £20,001-£30,000 - we charge 4% as an associated commission fee.

    • £30,001-£40,000 - we charge 3% as an associated commission fee.

    • £40,001 & over - we charge 2.5% as an associated commission fee.